On A Breeze

Some will tell you that you are not supposed to and do not have negative feelings.  If you have them, they are stuffed down and topped with a smile.  This, my dearest, is the opposite of the truth.  People of all faiths and belief systems have negative feelings on occasion!  The Universe knows this may be something you are already aware of but, reminders are nice. (Smiling)

Being your authentic self, including those negatives, are a part of your growth and learning.  The more knowledge you gain, the less those not-so-good moments will matter.  They can come and go on a breeze…all you have to do is allow it to happen.  If you feel stuck, ask for an extra set of eyes to help you.  There is no harm in asking for assistance!  The Universe and those that really care will always be there for you. ~ Creator


7 thoughts on “On A Breeze

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  2. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    I’m currently experiencing those negative emotions and beating myself up for feeling that way as I know ( or thought) I have to always be nice while suppressing whatever it is I am feeling at that moment.
    It’s a relief to be reminded that I am human ( not a robot) and will go through different stages which bring about different emotions, in this lifetime.
    It feels good to have The Creator have your back at all times.
    Love 💕. # Bless 🙏🏾😊

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