***Today is the last day to take advantage of this special! Don’t forget, you can book now for later! Happy New Year and blessings to you!***
This a time of inward reflection, to look at what you are choosing to release and a resting before the activity of Spring. In honor of this wondrous time, you are invited to participate in a ‘deep cleaning’ in preparation for the New Year!
If you are interested in changing the things you haven’t been able to change, in need of help with your relationship, assistance in releasing self-sabotage/destructive patterns or guidance in choosing the most productive path for your life, it is time for a ThetaHealing session!
From now until December 31st, it is a pleasure to offer all sessions at a reduced rate!
$60 for an hour
$35 for a half hour
$25 for a two question e-mail reading
You can book now, book now and schedule for a later date or gift a session to a friend. Printable gift certificates are available upon request.
Space will fill quickly so book early!
Please contact me here or at