It’s All YOUR Fault!


When you hear yourself saying, “It’s all YOUR fault” or “It’s not MY fault”…..stop……rewind and take a second look at the situation. With the firm knowledge that you create your entire Earth-plane existence, go over the challenge again and see what part your energy has played in the situation. More often than not, Continue reading

Now Is The Time


You have been gifted two amazing things; a human body that is capable of experiencing a wide range of emotions and free will. The body, in and of itself, is an incredible work of art, capable of doing anything you wish it to do. Free will allows you to do it. Neither can nor ever will be taken from you without your permission. Now is the time for you to use both to the best of your ability Continue reading

Wide Awake


I know some of you are having a challenging time in this moment; it is not easy being surrounded by ‘sleepers’ when you are awake. Part of your human self wants to return to the mundane world that most others exist in, to be part of the crowd, to be ‘normal’. The Divine Part realizes that it is not possible to go back and may be dismayed at the lack of concern people show for each other. After all, competition runs deep in the mass consciousness of your Earth plane. 

Continue reading