Weekend Special

Do you need some assistance navigating the alignment energy?  Have the new shifts stirred up old emotions you thought were gone?  Do you need some help in your relationships, career, every day interactions or just a bit of clarity/direction during a challenging time in your life?  If so, you’re invited to participate in my weekend special!

One 1 hour session: $60

One 1/2 hour session:  $30

Purchase one 1 hour session at my regular price of $90 and receive the second 1 hour session for $45.

Pricing with be good through Sunday, May 1st at midnight.

Space always fills up fast so, please contact me at jenniferfarley1@hotmail.com to schedule your session today!



When All Else Fails

Before we begin there are a few important things for you to remember.  These are necessary to keep in the forefront of your consciousness as you undergo your ‘upgrade’.

You are loved….even in your most unlovable moments.

You are always supported by The Universe.

You came for a specific purpose. You may not remember our Continue reading