gentle waves
On transparency; this may be the easiest thing you have ever done but, oftentimes, ends up being the most challenging. Standing in your truth and letting others ‘see’ you for who you are takes a great deal of strength. On the days where you do not feel totally up to the challenge it is OK to remain quiet and peaceful, riding the waves as they come. Always remember, you are loved and appreciated for your courage in being one of the few that step forth first. ~ Creator

Your True Gift

Your Earth plane existence is your own. Your decisions; good, not so good or indifferent, are the same. There is no need to explain to anyone; you own them and all of the experiences that come with it. The more you practice this, the more comfortable it will become. Embrace your choices as a true gift from The Universe and the lovely result of free will. ~ Creator

Free Will

Other actions may have you questioning your ability to guide and counsel. Remember this; you have given them the tools, you have done your best and that is all you can do. Their path is not your path. Free will is, as always, an individual expression of Self. When all else appears to have failed, send Unconditional Love. ~ Creator


One day, very soon, the pieces of your puzzle will fit together perfectly. You will know The Universe has always been there, gently guiding your hand and those challenging moments were part of the grand plan to bring you back to yourself. Welcome home, my beloved! ~ Creator