In Flux…

The further along you move into this great shift, the more you will begin to see the falseness people have been using as protection is becoming less acceptable.  Those that continue to operate in this way may become angry or upset because this particular ‘tactic’ is no longer working and you no longer choose to ‘get with the program’.  If you are a human that has embraced honesty and integrity, it may be very frustrating when you encounter them.  Please, do not be dismayed or take this personally.  Rather than seeing you for who you are, they are receiving a direct reflection of what they need to release and who they need to become. (Smiling) The world is in flux, dear one!  Keep embracing who you are and know that, even though others may not ‘get it’ yet, they will.  Until then…carry on, you are doing fantastic work! ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “In Flux…

  1. jan mowrey says:

    That was excellent and so true. What an insight!!! Thank you.

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