20 thoughts on “Your ‘Story’

  1. Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:
    You are the complete library!

  2. Millerma says:

    The spectators see the chess game better than the players.
    But sometimes we deliberately close our eyes and don’t want to see the truth.

  3. Bruce Morris says:

    yes we hide ourself and close our eye to wake up and see the truth the world and love and peace.

  4. …only then can you clearly decide what should be left on the side of the road. 😉

  5. George says:

    Most people live in the story which they tell themselves.
    Only changes and pains may let you wake up.

  6. […] – The Creator Writings Tradução – Vilma Capuano […]

  7. Enemy says:

    Can’t do that. No matter if I’m inside or outside of my own story, it still hurts a lot.

    I’m more interested in finding out the truth about who created all of this situation for us… but deep inside my heart I still wanna believe that this is all an accident, and after our death we will never met an evil creator who will force us to come here suffer again, no, I rather cease to exist or be eternally in the darkness…

    • I will ask you be send Unconditional Love and healing in a way that works in your highest and best. You are beloved! Blessings! ❤

      • Enemy says:

        Please, you don’t need to feel disturbed by me… I only comment on blogs like yours because I feel it’s the only way to me to get closer with those entities.

        But anyway, thank you for your kindness.

      • I’m not disturbed by you in the least, E. I understand and have been right where you are. Keep on keepin’ on….it does get better. ❤

  8. Pax says:

    Reblogged this on my plastic wings.

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