Love Focus

Rather than focusing all of your love and attention in one direction, focus it in all directions. Something will appear that will surprise you! ~ Creator

14 thoughts on “Love Focus

  1. Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:
    I. L O V E surprises!!!

  2. Bruce Morris says:

    yes i’l see and will thank you i’l do understand in all of love of the light.

  3. Bruce Morris says:

    yes in around in love i’l do see and understand.

  4. PeaceNowFlower says:

    As Bashar said the bubble might burst in China… I spent two hours meditating on the words, “I Love You” or “May You Be Blessed” and sending it to China just last night. This is an interesting concept, to do that same with radiating “I Love You’s.”

  5. Shengwen says:

    Love is everywhere and in everything.
    Everything is fair in love.Give your love without discrimination.

  6. Pax says:

    Reblogged this on my plastic wings.

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