Your Choices

Your choices are your choices.  Out of all of the outcomes from an infinite number of those choices, each will resonate through your world with its own vibration.  Yes, you could have taken a different path that led you to a different outcome.  Yes, things could have been better (or worse) depending on the choice.  But, please remember; each choice (and subsequent outcome) has its own merit and meaning.  You would not be where you are now without them. ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “Your Choices

  1. Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:

  2. BRUCE MORRIS says:

    today i’l see hate by a lot people today i’l humble myself from fighting and say the world need love and walk away out of love on my facebook today.

  3. Purplewenny says:

    Choose happiness, kindness,softness and love.
    Life is about choice.

  4. BRUCE MORRIS says:

    thank you you are right happiness ,kindness and love is life by way of love love key to all answer,love and peace,light.

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