9 thoughts on “Worthiness

  1. Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:
    Tell yourself the TRUTHh every day, that you are immense love, magnificent, creative & beautiful in every way

  2. Owen says:

    Very much agree.
    I stay with me everymoment ,so I know myself better than anyone else.
    I should listen to my heart not other people’s words.
    Self-love .

  3. […] I saw later, this is basically what The Creator states through Jennifer Farley in the post Worthiness on her blog The Creator Writings, which reached me at the same day as Cathie’s post. You can find […]

  4. […] sah, ist dies im Grunde das, was The Creator (Der Erschaffer) durch Jennifer Farley in dem Beitrag Worthiness (Wert, Würdigkeit) auf ihrem Blog The Creator Writings sagt, welcher mich am gleichen Tag wie […]

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