7 thoughts on “Just Fine

  1. Just Fine says:

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    Through every moment of doubt, remorse, regret, pain and loneliness, The Universe is whispering in your ear, “Yes, this will be over soon, you will be fine and it is going to be fine”. ~ Creator

  3. Purplewenny says:

    Thank You for these loving words.❤
    No matter what happened outside, our heart should always stay in peace ,and live in the Now moment.

  4. I certainly hope so. If anyone knew the truth to how long it’s been since I’ve more than shaken someones hand people would not believe me. I don’t believ it. I have literally gone years without even doing that at one point. The same with talking. Hello. Goodbye. yes . no. thank you. those were the only things said to or said by me from 2008-2011. Word. Now I think God is telling me to do things I’m suspicious of.. Like throw all moral beliefs out the window, sell drugs and produce pornography and sicker stuff than that. All so I can reach my dream which is wholesome and good for the planet and would hopefully lead folks to GOd. Well I’m not gay so I don’t think I could suck a dick if I tried yet alone do it on camera like someone offered me work doing. I’m so confused and I don’t even have one friend or family member to reach out to. THe only person in my community who I trusted flaked out and called the cops on me. “Fears for her safety” HA HA SHe is perfectly safe because…….you know. Everyone else on the other hand…… SOmeone who has absolutely no one in their life who cares, nothing like a job or kids to lose, nothing to lose period is Dangerous and Unpredictable in my opinion. I bet everyone of the perps in all the mass killings of late feel or felt alot like me. Fuckit. if their is a hell it can’t be any worsr than this. God help us!

  5. Something entirely different is being wispered in my ears…..

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