10 thoughts on “Self-Destruct Or Grow

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    When your need to grow outweighs your need for ‘self-destruction’, in whatever form you have chosen, then you will be ready. ~ Creator

  2. hartbridge says:

    Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:
    When LOVE outweighs the ego…you are ready to expand

  3. Millerma says:

    Everyone has different choices of his Earth experiences which
    were decided in the soul level before he incarnated.
    We have to respect other’s choices even we don’t agree with them.

  4. Wang says:

    The most important thing is to stay focused on your path.
    Love every being to the very best you are able and know that
    you don’t know another being’s path.
    Sometimes it is very different from how it appears through the filter of the mind.
    最重要的是, 要持续专注在你的道路上 .
    并且明白, 你并不能知晓其他人的道路 .

    –MARY MAGDALENE 玛利亚抹大拉

  5. Wang says:

    当你觉得自己更需要的是成长, 而非’自我毁灭’,
    不论你已选择何种方式 , 那都表示你会做好准备. ~ 造物主

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