12 thoughts on “Trust The Universe

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    The Universe never intended this Earth plane existence to be hard. Just trust; know that you are protected, carried, loved, cherished and honored. ~ Creator

  2. hartbridge says:

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    Thank you Universe!

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  4. Owen says:

    I trust You . You have told us that we chose to come to the Earth for learning and experiencing.
    We learned more from those relatively not very comfortable things.
    So, if we only like to experience beauties and joys ,we should not choose coming here.
    I don’t understand why those things happened, but I think my soul knows everything.
    Love Creator Father .

  5. Wang says:

    It is possible that this change can happen through challenging events.
    One of the reasons that challenge and hardship is given in the third dimension is because this often opens people.
    It opens their hearts to love.
    And it opens their consciousness to what is greater than they have
    been open to in the past.
    So it is possible that it may happen, at least in part, through circumstances that are challenging.
    These might be natural circumstances.
    These might be human circumstances—political or social circumstances.
    These might be circumstances that involve beings from
    other planets or outside of your Earth sphere.
    This is something that could bring great challenge to many people.
    它开启他们的心朝向爱 ,
    因此, 通过具挑战性的状况
    转变, 至少部分的转变可以发生.
    它们可能是自然界的状况 .
    这些都可能为许多人带来巨大的挑战 .


  6. Wang says:

    It is always possible to be moving forward and changing.
    Yet when there is this kind of a shift, there is a tremendous opportunity available.
    It is a blessed time that is coming forth.
    Many will not see it this way.
    Many will see it with great fear.
    They will have a great sense of abandonment by God
    or whatever else they believe in.
    But that is not the case.
    The more you understand this, the more you can make use of it.
    然而当这样的变动出现时, 就是在提供你一个绝佳的机会.
    这是被祝福的时刻, 正在到来.

    Those who are seeing this as a disaster and those who may die in the process will be helped in other ways to make this shift. They will be helped in the afterlife.
    They will be helped through a new incarnation in another Earth-like realm, or perhaps in a higher realm, if they are ready for that. Everyone is always being helped.
    或如果准备好的话, 前往一个较高的层面.


  7. Wang says:

    只要相信 ;
    知道你是被保护,支持,爱,珍惜和尊重的. ~ 造物主

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