Where Is Your Pain?

Where is your pain hiding?  Is it behind your positive attitude where it can never been seen or judged?  Is it under the motivation you use to keep from thinking about it?  Is it on the opposite side of that brightly lit corner of your mind where you will never have to look at it? Acknowleging pain is very important in your growth process, do not tuck it away.  If ignored, it will begin to take away small pieces of you as a way of getting your attention like a child vying for a parent’s affections.  “Look at me, see me, feel me, talk to me”!  Take some time to honor your pain.  Just like every other part of you, it is beautiful. ~ Creator

14 thoughts on “Where Is Your Pain?

  1. hartbridge says:

    Reblogged this on hartbridge and commented:
    I wondered why I had been procrastinating so much today!
    Thanks so much Jennifer!!!

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  5. Purplewenny says:

    My pains were locked in a drawer deep in my heart .
    Labelled with a tag ” unresolved “. ❤

  6. […] It hurts. It hurts me so very much to see this beautiful channeled message from Mother Mary and Yeshua. The one from Fran ‘feels right’–it’s not disinfo, or if it is, it is very sophisticated and fools me.  But it HURTS because my man and my mother-in-law are not talking to me–not acknowledging me. Neither does Meline or Fran or anyone except a very few close to me here in my work.  So what does Creator say? THIS:  https://thecreatorwritings.wordpress.com/2015/10/06/where-is-your-pain/ […]

  7. Wang says:

    A happy person is not a person in a certain set of circumstances, but rather a person with a certain set of attitudes.

    – Hugh Downs, American broadcaster休‧唐斯,广播节目主持人

  8. Wang says:

    以便永远不被察觉或批判 ?
    “注意我, 看着我, 感觉我, 对我说话” !
    就像你的其他每个部分, 它是美丽的 ! ~造物主

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