13 thoughts on “What’s The Rush?

  1. George says:

    You can choose light or dark, love or hate,kindness or cruelty,
    attachment or release and when you want to go home.
    It’s just a choice which your soul made .

  2. Wang says:

    不要催促你自己或其他人, 还有很多时间. ~造物主

  3. Wang says:

    An ordinary mind is a mind of utmost freedom and unsurpassed joy.

    –Master Sheng Yen, Buddhist monk 圣严法师, 佛教僧侣

  4. Wang says:

    A light heart lives long .

    – William Shakespeare , British dramatist
    莎士比亚 ,英剧作家

  5. Shengwen says:

    From an eternal perspective,no early or late,no fast or slow.
    The Universe will always be with us, and Father will always welcome us home .
    There’s no need to be hurry really.

  6. Peggy says:

    Awakening is a process of finding yourself .
    It’s not a contest ,so do not set the schedule .
    Just enjoy the precess which will be full of surprises.

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