Completely Unique

You are no lesser than any other creation.  You are completely unique, without copy and were made this way because of what you could bring to the whole.  The Universe celebrates, every day, your contribution to your Earth plane existence. ~ Creator

16 thoughts on “Completely Unique

  1. Weiwei says:

    We are so different,but we can try to understand each other,
    and try to accept others .❤

  2. Shengwen says:

    Everyone is unique,everyone is just,no more and no lesser .

  3. Wang says:

    God enters by a private door into every individual.

    – Ralph Waldo Emerson, American author, poet and philosopher
    拉爾夫·沃爾多·愛默生(1803-1882),美国作家,诗人 ,哲学家

  4. Wang says:

    Never let fear or shame keep you from celebrating the unique people that you are.

    – Kristen Anderson-Lopez, Song Writer克莉丝汀‧安德森-罗培兹, 作曲家

  5. Wang says:

    宇宙每天都赞叹,你对自己在地球表面存在的付出.~ 造物主

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  9. bwcarey says:

    life is the eternal gift, pity we take short term views on so much, but as you say, we are all gifts, thanks for the posts, they always lift

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