Master In Disguise

A reminder; never be afraid to be amazing!  Even the small moments that you think are nothing are something to someone.  Reach out, expand your awareness, be in love with your Earth plane existence and, most importantly, love and treat others with dignity and respect.  What may appear to be the most ‘lowly’ person could be a master in disguise. ~ Creator


13 thoughts on “Master In Disguise

  1. Boudichung says:

    Everyone has some special talents or brilliant ideas.
    When you are willing to share other people, you are a real master.

  2. Weiwei says:

    You can’t judge a tree by its bark.
    It’s hard to know what a person is underneath.

  3. Wang says:

    一个提醒;永远不要害怕一鸣惊人 !
    伸出双手, 传播你的知见, 爱你地球表面的生活,
    看起来最’卑微的’人,很可能是一位乔装过的大师.~ 造物主

  4. Wang says:

    The true Masters of this time serve the whole and are servants of humanity
    – in truthfulness and Love, turned toward the world in
    silence and very often unrecognized by human Beings.
    These human Beings receive their highest fulfillment
    from their binding to God, and their service for this
    world is a pure expression of their Love for Life.

    Whoever calls himself a Master, and says:
    “Look here, I am the one!” is a charlatan – without exception!
    此刻, 真正的大师为全体服务,是人类的仆人—在真实与爱中,
    在寂静中转向世界, 经常无法被人们认出 .
    他们对此世界的服务,是他们对于生命 爱的表达.

    任何人自称为大师, 并且说 :
    ” 看这里, 我就是 ! ” 是夸大其辞—没有例外 !

    – Jesus SANANDA耶穌 萨南达

  5. hyavision11 says:

  6. Wang says:

    For it is in giving that we receive.

    – Francis of Assisi, Clergyman圣方济 ,神职人员

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