It’s Not Me!

Some will make the mistake of thinking that there are ‘outside forces’ dictating your where, when, how and why. Remember, everything exists within and without you. ~ Creator


12 thoughts on “It’s Not Me!

  1. Wang says:

    某些人有错误的想法, 认为有 ’外力’ 支配着你的处境, 当下, 方法, 和理由. 记得, 一切在你之内, 你在一切之外 . ~造物主

  2. George says:

    Be nonattached to anything, even my self .

  3. Peggy says:

    Always look at my heart, not the outside . ❤

  4. Weiwei says:

    The problem in my life is made by what I think of .

  5. Jenel Dsueza says:

    deep and true. 🙂

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