Remember; when you have those all-consuming moments of not-so-good, it is The Universe telling you, “understand this human emotion, learn from it then let it go”. If it does not serve you, there is no reason to hold it close to your heart. ~ Creator

12 thoughts on “Learning

  1. Shengwen says:

    It’s funny how some distance Makes everything seem small
    And the fears that once controlled me Can’t get to me at all
    Up here in the cold thin air I finally can breathe
    I know left a life behind but I’m to relieved to grieve
    Standing frozen in the life I’ve chosen You won’t find me,
    the past is so behind me Buried in the snow
    Let it go Let it go

    Demi Lovato – Let It Go (from “Frozen”)

  2. Wang says:

    记得; 当你处于那些不太好的全面毁灭性时刻, 这是宇宙在告诉你,” 认识這是人的情绪 ,从中学习, 然后放下.”
    如果它对你没有帮助, 就没有理由紧紧抓在你心中. ~造物主

  3. Peggy says:

    Every cloud has a silver lining. ☁ ☀

  4. George says:

    You know yourself from the pain . Just face it and come out of it .

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