Compassion Speaks

During the course of your existence, you may encounter other humans so deeply mired in their own story, agony and negativity that they cannot and will not see the positive around them. All they have ever known

is chaos, darkness and mayhem. Seeing anything beyond that is dangerous. The ‘dark things’ have kept them safe for so long, they refuse to release it.

What do you do? My darling child as much as it pains…. aside from sending Love, there is not one thing you can do. Sometimes, the compassion that speaks the loudest is when you say nothing at all. ~ Creator



5 thoughts on “Compassion Speaks

  1. luvseas says:

    Jennifer, this post has really hit me hard. I have inadvertently fallen in love with a man whose fear prevents him to move through life most the time. I did not know this when I met him and we fell in love, but now I see it as it has manifested through time. He is unable to make decisions, and sabotages forward movement in his life, which also means for us. He loves me deeply, but unable to make long-term commitments even though he says he is. It’s a sad state of affairs, as we’ve tried to move forward to be together to share our life. The frustration from me has showed up in some outbursts and that just causes more problems between us. I am at a total loss, and it has prevented me from moving forward in my own life. How do I let this man go, a man whom I felt was the love of my life in so many other ways? But I guess now, he is not really…? Do I wait and see how our love will continue to manifest…

    Do you offer spiritual counseling Jennifer? I have been reading your posts for years and they’ve always enlightened and inspired me, thank you.

    Blessings, Diana Kekule

    *From Heaven **Sweet Nature Springs*

  2. Peggy says:


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