4 thoughts on “Purge

  1. Andreas Botsaris says:

    To forgive those causing harm to others, and being also in service to self with actions and behaviours,..
    It’s that also means,that to forget,someone’s debts,and harmful actions?
    How then,change can be achieved, for a better world,if we leave the corrupted minds,to proceed with their plans, and agendas, which in most cases, lead to chaos and destruction?
    Changing also the negative energy levels to the lowest, by creating chaos and turmoil..
    Does forgiveness, and love,can change their course of action, and transform derailed minds,into loving, and compassionate beings??
    Does the meaning of forgiveness, suggests the surrending,to the will and plans of the Universe??
    If also the law of non intervention, is still in force, and no direct assistance is expected,from our brothers from the stars..
    Then how darkness is to be dissolved, and light to be be restored, and prevail..

  2. Peggy says:

    Love freedom.🌈

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