This Is A Little Reminder

With the erratic shifts in energy going on in this moment, it may be hard to remember who…you…are.  This is a little reminder:

You are amazing at manifesting!

You are a brave and courageous soul moving through one of the most intense and important times your Earth has ever experienced!

You can create love and harmony in every situation!

You are a wellspring of compassion!

You are a guiding light for others who are just beginning to awaken!

When you have moments of doubt remember The Universe is with and supporting you every day. ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “This Is A Little Reminder

  1. Christopher Schneider says:

    I Love It! A match to Bros. J’s message through John Smallman. Things Are in Sync w/Love/Compassion/Forgiveness, Peac3!

  2. marybogdan says:

    Fabulous! Thank you so much for this reminder of our sovereignty and strength as true carriers of the light, as light-warriors! Humanity is Light! With gratitude! 🌸

  3. Peggy says:

    Look forward to the great moment.

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