Is This Really A Loss?

Before you bemoan the loss of something in your life…stop, check in and ask yourself, “Is this really a loss?”  The Universe has known and planned with you since the beginning.  You were given the gift of free will and an infinite number of choices.  Any decisions along the way were made solely by you.  If you have moved away from something/someone, go ahead a grieve a little.  That is your right.  When it is time to begin focusing on your growth again, you will know and begin accordingly.  Always remember, The Universe is standing by to assist. ~ Creator

5 thoughts on “Is This Really A Loss?

  1. Peggy says:

    You win or you learn

  2. charlesdavis says:

    Last week I accidentally deleted the file of a novel I’ve been editing for the last nine months. This week I found out it’s lost for good. I do have old versions of the file, thank God. This morning I decided to look at this loss as an opportunity to make my novel even better. You work with what you’ve got in this life.

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