Dive Into It!

The Universe will never make things overly complicated but, you may.  Taking a simple change, task or thought and adding additional conditions could keep you

from being bored but, it distracts from a real situation at hand.

Take some time, dear child, to ponder why you are choosing this path and how you can change to make your life as free flowing as The Universe intended it to be.  The new energy and new way will always be in your highest and best…release the distractions and dive into it! ~ Creator

5 thoughts on “Dive Into It!

    • Narcissus says:

      At the age of 85, I have parents who always want something, complain, talk, demand attention and care from me. How can I be free? This is real life 😄😄

  1. Peggy says:

    Listen to your soul.
    No resistance.

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