Walk With It

Occasionally The Universe will present a challenging emotion, situation or experience and ask you to ‘walk with it’ to gain a deeper, more visceral understanding.  Rather than fighting those moments, embrace them and know that when they have reached their conclusion, you will have an insight very few possess.  The best part of it all, my darling child, is you can make the process as long or as short as you choose. ~ Creator



9 thoughts on “Walk With It

  1. angelesdecrystal says:

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  3. Peggy says:

    What you can’t learn from happiness may be learned from pain.

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  5. […] Jennifer Farleys Blog “The Creator Writings” las ich kürzlich den Ausspruch ‘Walk with it’. Es wurde erklärt, dass das Gehen mit einer herausfordernden Erfahrung zu einem tieferen […]

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