So Many Choices!

The current shift is introducing you to a magnitude of new possibilities.  There may be so many presenting themselves, you may find yourself dizzy with the choices! (Smiling) The Universe would like to remind you that you have control of the speed they arrive and which you accept or release.  You may even find yourself stepping into the experience of being a teacher and introducing others to the beginning of their path.  Allow yourself to be peaceful and full of joy knowing that whatever you choose to manifest during this time is just a millisecond away! ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “So Many Choices!

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  2. oraclenye says:


  3. Peggy says:

    Make a joyful and inspiring choice for yourself.

  4. The last two messages (March 4th, The Wave) on the current shift/tsunami wave are spot on. It started on Wednesday and is still ongoing. It brings profound inner transformation of the deepest compartments of all humans where they are holding their darkness for eons of time and have never been aware of. There will soon be massive personal meltdowns and it has already started if one follows the news closely. But this is just the beginning.

    This tsunami wave may lead to the final global shift we are all waiting for. Good channeling!


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