A Part Of All That Is

My darling child…take a moment and think back on all the changes you have been through, the choices you have made and the healing you have accomplished. While you were in the midst of your
greatest changes there were times when you said, “I can’t take one more second of this! Please make it stop!!” But, at the conclusion and in the peaceful quiet, you often said, “There…it is done! That wasn’t so bad. I’ve learned so much!”
The Universe wants you to know that you now have the skills, knowledge and wisdom to make each major shift you move through more graceful and easy. In the very near future, you will be able to integrate these major changes with the blink of an eye…if you choose. (Smiling) Remember, you are much more powerful than you give yourself credit for. Why? Because you are a part of All That Is! ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “A Part Of All That Is

  1. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    Beautiful. Thank you 🙏🏿 ☺️💐

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  3. Peggy says:

    An indispensable drop of the Sea.

  4. Emilio says:

    The entire universe of the Creator exists within me and I now allow all the Love, Peace and infinite Abundance of the Creator to be reflected in all my life experience.

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