It Is Time…

Today, it is time to sit quietly and think of all that has passed in your existence; all the experiences that made you who you are today.  When you are in-process, you may find joyful moments you have forgotten or challenging moments you’d rather not remember.  This will be an opportunity for you to keep what you need and release what you do not.  Allowing yourself to do this will give you the space and time you need to prepare for the great changes coming your way.  As always, The Universe supports you on your journey. ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “It Is Time…

  1. bwcarey says:

    great image. it takes times, nine months in the womb, the only place where you don’t need patience, is in a fast food restaurant, thanks

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  3. Joe Cardenas says:

    Thank you for the information.

  4. Diego says:

    Thank you.

  5. reftbp says:

    Reblogged this on Nuggets.

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