A Steadier Pace

You have, again, started another uphill climb, dear one.  Please do not be dismayed by this because it is another important step in moving the Earth to a peaceful state.  It may seem as if there is quite a bit of wild swinging back and forth but, the rhythm is settling down to a steadier, more balanced pace.  It is important to continue practicing self-care and sharing your knowledge with others who are willing and ready to understand.  You have been doing an outstanding job, keep up the good work! ~ Creator

11 thoughts on “A Steadier Pace

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  2. Dear Jennifer,

    I am following your messages for some time and have registered a remarkable synchronicity between some of the messages, especially those announcing the next shift or portal of ascension and our personal experiences with the source energies as Elohim souls and human nexus to the Source. Usually your Source announces the next shift after we have done the hard light work so that it can be felt by the others who follow us and receive these energies and codes from us as conduits thereof. These shifts are also confirmed by our sources, first and foremost by the Elohim, but there are many more. You can check for yourself if you visit my website where I publish our regular energy reports


    and that of my dual soul:


    Of course, your source says nothing about the actual light work and creation done by highly evolved human souls on the ground like ourselves in order for such shifts to occur, as there is no other way to accomplish ascension – planetary and individual – but this is obviously not the objective of your channeled messages that have chose a more paternalistic tone. Nonetheless, your messages serve the purpose to adjust our clock of ascension, and such additional information serves best if it is used reciprocally by all participants. Therefore, feel free to study our energy reports and learn more about the actual light work that is being done on this planet and is being sporadically confirmed by your source.

    Continue doing the good work.

    With love and light
    (Dr. Georgi Alexandrov Stankov, MD)

    • Thank you for your comments, George. I’ve been transcribing (not channeling) the messages from Creator as directed for around 10 years now. We each receive information in a way that works best for the individual. As you know, no one way is the only way. Thanks again and many blessings to you! ❤

      • Dear Jennifer,

        this is absolutely true – unanimity is the foundation of creative diversity. The more we enter the Unity field of the higher dimensions, the more unique our individual creations are, whereas knowledge of this diversity only supports the individual creativity and not suppresses it. At least this is my experience with human knowledge so far and this is what I can recommend everybody.

        I am not sure if I understand what you mean by “transcribe ” – is it automatic writing, which is a very common form of channeling? Channeling need not be only oral. I have been channeled by my IAP (I AM Presence and other sources through him) now for more than 20 years in form of conscious automatic writing while typing very quickly (and with a lot of typos initially as to keep up pace as I am typing sometimes 10 – 20 pages in an hour) but my consciousness is fully involved in the creation of the text. Although when I re-read what I have typed, I am always amazed what I have written as it was seldom planned this way and it is obvious that this information comes from a higher source and intelligence.

        I have been studying scientifically the different forms of channeling since 1998 and have cooperated with numerous channelers in various ways. In several cases, there is a very creative cooperation between me and the channeler, and his source as I enter in telepathic contact with the source, when it is clean, and we exchange information through the medium, while he is not necessarily aware of this mutual communication. This is the case with Daniel Scranton and the Arcturians, to whom I have separately a direct contact as I have also an Arcturian incarnation in the 9th dimension, among many others.

        By the way, I confirm the latest shift you have just published about. The wave started a few hours ago and is of exquisite intensity and nastiness. My whole skin is burning and this wave really exposes and augments to the point of burning all negative feelings in the emotional body of the people and I am curious how they will react in the coming days to these energies exposing poignantly their personal darkness.

        It all started after I was guided to anchor today the pale blue feminine energies of Mother Mary in an very old church in San Remo, Italy with the same name “Mother Mary of the Angels” after we already anchored Mother Mary portal in Diano Marina (Liguria) several months ago in another church, in connection with the 5D-7D healing centre in this place. It will be the first higher dimensional structure to appear on earth when the people are ready for the shift. If you live in Europe, you should keep an eye on it. San Remo used to be very famous for its musical festival in the past (in the 50’s and 60’s) but it has deteriorated a lot lately. However, people from all over the world are coming to this place, which I specially visited today, and they then disseminate the codes around the globe. This is how ascension works.

        You do not need to publish this email exchange, I only wanted to exchange information personally with you and enjoyed it hugely. These are amazing times.

        Take good care of you!


      • What I mean by transcribing: no energy or entity enters my body. It is very similar to a person taking shorthand for a letter in an office. That is all I do.

        There are infinite ways to go through the ascension process. So, in reality, there is no ‘right’ or ‘wrong’ way…it just is. Supporting our brothers and sisters is the best gift we can give ourselves and others.

      • Confirmation isn’t necessary when there is a direct connection with All That Is. 🙂

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