Just Like You…

The Universe knows it may be challenging to maintain your own space when you are surrounded by lower vibrational energies. First and foremost; There has never been
any “us vs. them” in this equation. They are no different from you, they have just chosen another path. The moment you begin to ‘look down your nose’ at them is the precise moment you stray from yours.
Each of you was created and were given the gifts you need to learn and grow…and you will utilize them differently. Before you choose to pass judgement, take the time to look at where you have been, what you are experiencing and how you got to where you are now. With this fresh perspective in place, embrace your ability to help others (who are ready) to grow and learn, just as you have. ~ Creator

13 thoughts on “Just Like You…

  1. Peggy says:


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  3. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    Love 💕

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  5. Susana Herrero says:

    A very good, bright and grateful good morning to you, i registered a few months ago and am just AMAZED by the content and energy of the messages. Each day, when i read them i think: how can this be possible ? it’s just written to me, that is exactly what i am experiencing NOW, it’s so exciting and blessing and comforting. Now, i have a question: do you have this blog in Spanish ? One of my best girlfriends doesn’t speak english nor french, and would love to get it. Any possibility ? THANKS A MIL to the person who gets and generously send us these messages. Blessings and Love

    • It is my understanding that they are translated into different languages by the readers themselves. Every once in a while I see them translated into Portuguese and Turkish. Occasionally, I see Spanish as well. I used Google Translate a lot but, past that, no that I’m aware of. Thanks so much for your kind message, it’s so nice to read they help others! Blessings, Jennifer ❤

      • Susana says:

        Thank you so much Jennifer, i guess you are the Beautiful Being receiving (channeling) these messages ? right ? This is what i will do, use Google translator, it’s not so bad, i checked. Thanks a mil again. Susana

      • Yes, it’s me. I prefer to use ‘transcriptionist’. 🙂

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