The Long Run…

As you move through this next leap of growth/learning, it is time to take a very close look at what you have chosen to carry thus far. Imagine you are packing for an
extended vacation; you have a limited amount of space but, you want to bring what you feel are essentials. Standing before your closet or dresser, there can be limitless possibilities…and there is only so much you can carry. (Smiling)
The Universe is asking you to look within, sort your options and choose what is best for yourself. Ask yourself if the old stuff you have been packing around ‘forever’ is necessary to move forward. Yes, some of those memories, experiences and situations have an emotional resonance but, do you really need them? Even though they may be challenging to release remember that a lighter load makes for easier traveling. You are moving in a direction you have never been before…a bit of preparation is always worth it in the long run. ~ Creator



11 thoughts on “The Long Run…

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  3. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    …and I released some of that emotional ‘baggage’ earlier.
    I choose love 💕 😊🤗

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