More On Releasing…

As you explore, understand and release the negatives in your life, it is perfectly okay for you to feel sadness or grief.  Whether they were your own decisions, things you allowed that, in hindsight, were not the greatest or experiences you had because of those decisions, they helped get you to where you are now.  You do not have to forget; keeping those memories is called wisdom.  You may not be ready to forgive…yet.  This process is all about being on your time.  Move at a pace that is comfortable for you, ask The Universe for assistance when you feel stuck and know that all will be well. ~ Creator


11 thoughts on “More On Releasing…

  1. Peggy says:

  2. […] via More On Releasing… — The Creator Writings […]

  3. Kiranasa says:

    There is nothing to forgive!

  4. Kiranasa says:

    How can I forgive a DREAM!

  5. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    I had a dream last night about releasing and letting go of the past. I didn’t even realise I was holding on to it until last night.
    My Being feels lighter and freer.
    Bless 🙏🏾😊

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