Stay Focused & Calm

Many of you have noticed that today’s energy brings a certain gravitas.  This is a reminder that, as always, The Universe (and its continual shifting) has great things in store for humankind. (Smiling) Before the anxiety of not knowing kicks in, please keep this in mind; change may not always be easy but, it is needed for a greater understanding of how to heal your world.

As you make choices for your everyday life, remember that you are also working with a multitude of others toward a peace and tranquility your Earth has never known.  Stay focused, calm and carry an awareness in your heart that, even though it may feel challenging in this moment, what you have always longed for is on the way. ~ Creator

7 thoughts on “Stay Focused & Calm

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  2. (on the ground, prone, face in mud, little white flag raised in right hand that reads: Yay!) 🙂

  3. Peggy says:


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