Those that awakened early felt the very beginning of the incoming shift.  This is one of the joys of a higher vibrational energy! (Smiling) As you move through the next few days, take care and treat yourself lovingly, much information will be needing integration.  If you feel as if you do not have a definitive understanding of it, relax…you will always be given the ‘full story’ as it progresses.  The Universe is always available to help you move through this next phase with safety and comfort.  All you need to do is ask! ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “Relax!

  1. Promise Nomonde Mafuya says:

    Thank you. Bless..

  2. Dear Jennifer,

    the last two messages announcing the current monster wave are good and timely and I can confirm them full from my personal experience. I have quoted them as references in my energy report today:

    With love and light

    • Thank you very much, Georgi, I appreciate the share. I would, however respectfully request that the Writings be used in their entirety. Again, thank you very much for the share. Blessings to you! ❤

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