What Is This?

People are going to think what they think, do what they do and keep their dearest and/or most devastating thoughts to themselves until they feel safe enough to express. The most obvious and the most missed key to all of it; there is nothing you, as an individual, can do about it. It is a part of letting those you care for the most walk their own path in their own way. That, dear child, is Unconditional Love. ~ Creator


7 thoughts on “What Is This?

  1. become1one says:

    Yes, love is selfless, putting someone else First……….TRUE LOVE, is passing on the right information…………To Elevate Mankind. When we “really care” about the future of our siblings, at no negative cost…………..That is the future……….That is LOVE

  2. become1one says:

    LOVE is showing ‘them the ‘light’………so as to prevent them bumping their heads. selflessness…….

  3. Peggy says:


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