Almost There…

The division, hate and chaos on your Earth plane seems as if it is being amplified by more division, hate and chaos.  You, as an eternal being of light, a co-creator of your existence and a carrier of a Divine Spark knows and feels things differently.  You are aware (very aware) of the building Light, the uptick of humanity and compassion, the arrival of what all humans have been asking for since the dawn of time…a new beginning.  You can choose to let yourself be distracted by the negative or continue to focus on the positive changes occurring now. (Smiling) You are nearly there, dear one, keep going!  You are almost there! ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “Almost There…

  1. Şebnem says:

    Tears …

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  3. John Diego Rondón Zapata says:

    Light and love ❤

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