All Will Be Well

In recent days, at this energy continues, you may feel as if you are taking two steps back to each one forward.  It may make you feel frustrated and out of sorts.  There will always be times when you feel as if set-backs will last forever, you are going nowhere and may never get through this particular moment.  Rest assured, dear one, that it will come to an end and you will get through it!  Sometimes, it can be a very necessary part of growth. (Smiling)

The concept of linear time is as human as you can get.  If you choose, you can release this notion, step fully into the moment and be consciously aware that thing will change (and change quickly) in your highest and best.  The Universe is asking you to release your worry and know that all is well and all will be well. ~ Creator


10 thoughts on “All Will Be Well

  1. “The concept of linear time is as human as you can get.” Crack up! 🙂 So true.

  2. contramimi says:

    We all have heard countless times that all will be well …. and as we are one with our Creator and bound to him in never-ending LOVE as ONE we cannot fail in our trust towards HIM and the Universe and with the Divine Mother – WE ARE ALL ONE – and thus we all will step on into our all realms of HIS Wellness in Praise and Cheer, and chime endlessly! In Deep Love my godly Parents !!! Thanking you with all myself Eva Maria Contramary/Contramimi

  3. John Diego Rondón Zapata says:

    Thank you! ❤

  4. Jim says:

    As Within, So Without

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