Leave It

Leave it behind.  You have carried it for quite some time, child.

Leave it behind.  It used to keep you safe and gave you a sense of being protected.

Leave it behind.  It has grown so heavy and cumbersome, carrying it with you has begun to hurt.

Leave it behind.  You will always remember, but you no longer need it.

Leave it behind.  It will lighten your step and give you a buoyancy you have never known.

Leave it behind.  You have nothing to fear any longer…you are safe, loved and protected.

Leave it behind.  You do not need it anymore.

Leave it behind…

~ Creator

12 thoughts on “Leave It

  1. Lou says:

    Leave the work I have loved for 25 years but no longer am valued for……. very easy to say…not that easy to do when it is ok at of your being….how do I step into the void?

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