When conversing with and asking The Universe to bring certain things to your life, it is important to be very, very specific.  Broad statements regarding soul-mates/twin flames, new opportunities, being heard and understood will, indeed, be provided in abundance! However, without specifics, you will be provided with a wide range of experiences…some of which may catch you by surprise. (Smiling)

Imagine yourself the captain of a boat and The Universe as the wind that guides.  You choose which direction you will go (in full accordance of free will) but, you also have the power to determine the wind strength, direction and storms or fair skies.  Again, you determine, you choose and you direct.  And, most importantly, you are supported on your journey – choose wisely! ~ Creator


8 thoughts on “Captain!

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    Take the helm of your life!
    (really speaks to me!)

  2. Very helpful! Thank you!

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