Embracing Your Power

You make choices every day. Some mundane and others are life-changing. Here is a thought to ponder today; how often are the choices you make heart based? You have a multitude of experiences during your day that can make the world a brighter and more loving place. How often do you use your voice to project it to your world? It is time to release being fearful, stand up, to begin expressing that Unconditional Love to your Earth plane and be heard! You were born a powerful being; embrace that power, knowing that if it comes from pure love, pure truth and pure intent, it can never be corrupted. ~ Creator


12 thoughts on “Embracing Your Power

  1. Agnes Tyler says:

    Perfect guidance. Thank you. Resonating widsom and pure peacefulness.

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  4. Light,love,peace. says:

    Thank you very much! You make my life happy with your everyday messages! Keep up the love cause is the only thing that makes us being alive and keep me going through in this experience. Again thank you and many blessings to tou for real 😀

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