All About Attitude

Every once in a while, life will throw a curve-ball at you.  This is not to make you suffer or to hurt you in any way.  It is The Universe’s way of getting your attention, of saying, “See, you can work with this or rise above…it has always been your choice.”  If you step back and really look at the situation/experience, you will see some old patterns emerging.  Rather than kvetching about it (which keeps that energy coming to you), look at it for what it is.  Learn about it.  Get to know it intimately.  Once those steps have been completed, you can release it with peace and joy. (Smiling) Honestly, you have done this very thing many times before.  The only thing that makes it different is your attitude.  Keep it positive and know that things can/will change! ~ Creator


10 thoughts on “All About Attitude

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  2. Linda Geibel RN says:

    Spirit heard us speaking about this Sunday and said ‘hmmm. I better just remind them ONE MORE TIME’. xo


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