Lightness Of Being

Over the next few days/weeks and as the energy to your Earth plane increases, there will be a lifting.  You have been carrying around a great deal of weight, dearest one, and this energy will begin to lift you as well…sending the heaviness and your soul in different directions.  For some of you, this may feel overwhelming because the protection the extra weight has given. For others, there will be a great sense of relief.  Please do not judge these reactions.  Each will be unique.  Observing those around you, with their own opinions and beliefs, is one of the reasons you chose to be here now!  Remember, during this great journey you are on, there is always time for play; revel in the lightness of this beautiful time and know all is as it should be. (Smiling) ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “Lightness Of Being

  1. Liked that movie – The Incredible Lightness of Being (didn’t read the book). The womanizer main character enjoyed the sensation of being crushed by a car to “ground” himself from the high he’d get having sex with many different women because he felt guilty for having done so (he was married) – at least that was my take. Our fear of our own grandeur can be great. I think we can design ourselves out of that with the help of the upgrades sweeping through our part of the galaxy at the moment.

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