The Calling

Each of you has a calling, a deep pull in your heart to do something extraordinary.  It may have come from something you saw as a child or young adult.  It may have come from a dream or an experience you had when you were younger.  Your calling may have drawn you to the ‘muggle world’ as a nurse, police officer, soldier or the church (as you know and love it).  Others may have been called to the more esoteric side of things (Smiling).

There is one thing to remember…all callings are valid!  Each of you was placed or are being placed where your light is needed most…even if that situation/place seems very dark.  This does not mean you forfeit your right to question The Universe on the direction you are being pointed; all questions are welcome!  It does mean that even if you choose to disregard one calling, another will present itself.  Trust that The Universe will always guide you in the right direction. ~ Creator


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