Your Boundaries

Your boundaries are yours.  You have created them to give yourself a sense of peace and stability…to create order where chaos once existed.  It is imperative to keep this in mind when others ask you to change them.  Yes, there can be a bit of give, but how much is completely up to you!  Stay true to you, The Universe is supporting you every step of the way! ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “Your Boundaries

  1. Thank you for addressing this neglected and necessary facet of the new Age we are envisioning.

  2. butnowfound says:

    (((((Three cheers, and a “thumbs up” for this one! I choose the Power of Love now.))))) 🌹

  3. Msfc says:

    With balance
    Only your heart within
    Created with the God spark and source
    Uniquely lead you

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