Gear Up!

There will always be pains, disappointments and lows in your human existence.  However, there will also be highs, great love and accomplishment as well.  Some are experienced together and others separately. As this next shift begins to ‘ramp up’, it will in your best interest to expect both…but do your best to stay focused on the good.  Big changes will be presenting themselves during this time and it would behoove you to carefully consider each before making any concrete decisions.  Gear up, great ones, it is time to start! ~ Creator



8 thoughts on “Gear Up!

  1. In the long run I don’t believe that there will still be defeats etc. or that they will be called and felt as such… at least not longer by the pacemakers and pioneers. Why would something like that still be? Not that I wanted to live perfection here, but certainly no more defeats as I knew them or pain. These lessons/experiences have done their service and may then finally be put ad acta.

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