Do you need some assistance navigating this incredible shift? Has it stirred up old emotions you thought were gone? Do you need some help in your relationships, career or every day interactions? Do the choices being offered to you feel overwhelming? Do you need some clarity/direction during this incredible time in human history? If so, you’re invited to participate in my spring special and see what Creator and ThetaHealing can do for you!
One 1 hour session: $60
One 1/2 hour session: $40
Purchase a 1 hour session at my regular price of $90 and receive the second 1 hour session for $45.
A message from or questions for Creator directly to you via e-mail – one question $10, each additional question $5.
Pricing with be good through Sunday, May 1st at midnight.
Space always fills up fast so, please contact me at to schedule today!

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