Your Particular Value

There will come a time, very soon, when your teachers will need to step down from ‘absolute truth’ and be just your guides.  They have reminded you of your inner wisdom, your truth and the love you inherently possess…now it is up to you ‘to take the reins’ and become the teacher of others.  You may not feel as if you have anything of particular value to offer, but you do!  The years of experience you have collected while on your Earth plane are worth more than the stars themselves. This is your next step, darling one!  Embrace it! ~ Creator


9 thoughts on “Your Particular Value

  1. Thisledome says:

    This post has just Synchronized the very thing I’d been asking for earlier today, for my ‘council’ of teachers to become my guides (well one in particular) I take your post today as confirmation that this will come to pass ~ ☆ Thank You Jennifer, you’re a star ☆

  2. Peggy says:


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