Dancing Your Divinity

Your energy, your soul is meant to dance and, in dancing, you express the divinity that The Universe placed within you at the beginning.

What does it mean to dance your own divinity? It is different for everyone. No two energies dance the same.  It is a matter of becoming whole and safe and well within your unique dance, whatever it may be ~ whatever you are choosing to be at this particular moment in your life. To be comfortable being a witness for another’s dance….that is the challenge.

When you step away, isolate yourself from the connections of others, keep your connections shallow and at arms’ length or let your negative core belief and fears take over, you are giving up the pure joy of participating in the divine dance that The Universe put in place for your pleasure.  You are creating a separation, turning your backs on yourselves and the people you chose to witness for before coming in and joining the journey called “being human”.  Embrace your divinity and dance! ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “Dancing Your Divinity

  1. zenin says:

    I thought I had to step away! Or let somebody because of my own shortcomings screw me over emotionally. Getting tired of this paradoxal stuff. Trying to make decisions, and the need to accept en love myself, so that means sometimes excluding myself from people situations, but nooooh, when you isoloate you blaa. i can’t do it anymore!! doesn’t matter which way I chose I hurt myself staying in connection, I hurt myself being alone, I try to accept my feelings, or bad feelings. And let people go, I still feel bad, that I can’t integrate love, while things keep hurting. And I feel alone and no hope to create new things because everything hurts.
    Every route seems not the correct one.

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