Your thoughts, your voice and your song are important!  Let them be heard!  Let them be heard by those that cannot speak so they may find the courage and strength to speak themselves.  Sing!  Let your voice and song join the many others that are singing in this moment so those who have not listened before will hear and understand your words.  All humans deserve to have the honor of being included.  Even if you have not uttered a word to anyone, your thoughts are heard by The Universe and you are a part of this graceful and awakening moment.  There is joy, courage and strength in sharing!  Do not let this pivotal time on your Earth plane pass you by. ~ Creator

11 thoughts on “Strength

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    Speaking Truth to power empowers others to do the same. You are stronger than you realize!

  3. zeni says:

    Scared that my truth includes exclusion though that part is sweet for me, it also hurts me and I don’t know how to transform it if I keep it close. Not sure how to deal with the boundary.

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