The Light In Unimaginable Darkness

My dearest, darling one; here you are, faced with more acts of senseless violence against the innocent and peaceful.  I know your heart hurts and I know you may not understand the infinite picture but, one day very soon, you will.

I gave many of you an idea of what would be coming years ago.  The thinning of the veil has made it so some do not understand what they are feeling, hearing and seeing.  It frightens and pushes them to places they may not have otherwise gone.  This is where your work begins, my love.  Send as much love as you can!  You may be far away from where these acts occurred or are occurring, but they will still feel your love and purity of heart.  Find one moment of joy in your memories and send that as well.

It may seem as if the darkness is ‘winning’, but that is far from the truth.  It knows it is fighting a losing battle and is doing all it must to hold onto whatever power it has left.  Release your pain and anguish over these situations, send it to be transformed to Love and Light….to come back to you, to be sent out again and so forth.  Then the power of you, as an individual, will be felt and known throughout your world.  Join together and be the peace your Earth plane is needing in this moment. ~ Creator

9 thoughts on “The Light In Unimaginable Darkness

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  2. Peggy says:

    Thank You.
    Always believe .❤

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